Selection of my work

Deep within ...
the complexity of one's nature....
the fragments of self...
attempting to become whole....

The past...
its memories and experiences vivid and still alive..
filed away ready to be present at any time....

The emotions and feelings ...
turbulent and over whelming,
gentle and loving,
fierce and protective,
guarded and defensive,
happiness and joy,
fearful and anxious.......

Deep within...

                                                       Work in progress :

Gouache and Graphite 29 x 42cm

                                                          Work in progress :

close up of one section, Graphite

  Work in Progress: Graphite


'Dreams of the Weaver'  Gouache, pen and ink

'The Weaving of the Web' series Pen and ink 


'Homage to the Heavens' 1 and 2.

'Pods of Hope' 1 and 2. pen and Ink

29 x 42 cms
                                                        'Elements of Complexity' Series

Pen and Ink

Gouache, pen and ink

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