About Me...

                                  Hi, welcome to my blog......

I sincerely hope you find something that resonates with you...whether that is a quote, a thought or feeling I have expressed that you too, may have had or a drawing or technique that may help or inspire you...

Please feel welcome to ask any questions or to comment & leave feedback as you are important ....
I will do my best to answer and help in any way I can..!!

Okay well down to business...who am I?

Such a simple question with a more complex answer I'm afraid!

For starters yes that is me in the photo; that is the look of a new 'Nan' looking at her new grand daughter; .........however I have aged somewhat since then (now that's an understatement!!!)    Now there is grey hair, a lot more wrinkles, and let's not even talk about the teeth situation!! (And the scary thing is that photo is only 3 years old!!)

I prefer to use the Planetary image 'Cosmos...' it represents me in a way that feels right... it is symbolic not only of the Universe but also my desire to connect with it....
Additionally it has a 'grounding' effect on my energy, and with my desire and need for balance in my life, I am consistently drawn to it.

So what else to tell you ?

I am a complex and difficult person who loves research, study and making art!!
As an INFP (Meyers-Briggs) I am firstly an introvert who protects their privacy and yet needs to connect!
Just one of the many paradoxes in my life!!
As a mature Scorpio, I am intense, passionate and like to 'dig beneath the surface' ....

To date I have lived through the stages of being daughter, student, wife, mother, student, management career ( I now call them my 'Other lives') and back to being single, student and a grand mother.
Like a lot of us, my life has often been difficult, with fear and stress/anxiety a close companion.

Survival is not just a word.

If you would like to know more about my academic qualifications please refer to my other art painting blog, The Lindy K. Art Project as my 'About me" page covers this.

Having the two art blogs, I do try not to repeat my self too often!!

Please don't forget, as an Aussie, our language, spelling, grammar and humour can and often is quite different.
I have only one thing to say about that .... oops!!

If you've managed to read this far, number one you deserve a medal and secondly..... Welcome!

 You can also view my Wordpress Blog which combines both Paintings & Drawings here ~

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