Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Seduced by the on-line world . . .

I just wanted to touch base here briefly with an update of what's been happening lately!
To be honest these past few weeks have gone by in a kind of blur and I'm really looking forward to just stopping for a day or two and breathing!!!!

That's how full on it's been. I have done a heap of 'stuff' :

  • met and connected with some amazing people, 
  • read and commented on more fabulous websites than ever before
  • joined  a great creative community space on-line
  • participated in a number of challenges and projects
  • been a supporter and encourager of others challenges
  • learnt (actually that should read: learning !!) a great deal about my self through some personal development interactions and groups
  • discovered good intentions don't always equate to actually taking action (durrh!!) and that thinking about doing something sooo much does not mean it has happened in real time!!
  • finally got back onto my Facebook page
  • Realised that 'Technically challenged' really is my middle name
  • Worried over grown up children's lives and learnt the value in saying nothing just providing a listening post for them
  • suffered another bout of bronchitis and the flu
  • discovered the value of evernote
  • subscribed via both RSS feeds and email to so many great websites that I've had to make new folders and discipline myself with an alarm clock as to how long I either attend to emails/reader and social media applications (Twitter: OMG !)
  • still managed to look after 3 yr. old grand daughter, toddler 'puppy' of sons, (known as 'The big black beast' . . . the dog not my son), maintained housework (mutter, mutter), and trid to learn more business related applications
Yes it's been a busy time. Don't get me wrong, I know that for most of us our days start to blur into nights into weeks and we all spend busy lives trying to fit, squash, manage all our jobs, tasks, life in this way.

However, I have to admit that once again I have been seduced by the sweet delights, enticed by the tasty morsels of learning and inspiration gained via the magic of the net.

To the detriment of creating art.
And that is an appalling state of affairs.

So where do I need to regain some balance and my sanity??
You guessed it!

credit Mirko Delcaldo

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