Monday, September 20, 2010

Words are not just words~

courtesy of Dimitri Castrique
They say change is as good as a holiday.
And that can be so, (personally the holiday sounds good to me!), however one thing I do know ~ is that change is inevitable.

You can only run or hide from it for so long.
It will still be there when you peek out.

You can embrace it, attempt to control it, try and modify it, be fearful of it, gracefully accept it, procrastinate about it, or make it work for you.

Sure some of the changes that occur in our life we may feel we have no control over.
And I am quite sure we are all familiar with the 'mantra' ~ The only thing we can control in our life is our reaction /response to whatever occurs ~ (I'm sure you've heard similar sayings more succinctly put than mine!!)

The point is though, Change happens.
Sometimes it's so gradual or small we're hardly aware of it.
At other times decisions and actions are called for or needed.

I regularly come across people (on-line) who embody challenge, change and decision making with such positivity and confidence that yes, I do envy them a little bit. I admit it.

On the other hand though, I dislike the word 'challenge' soooo much. ( ridiculous I know)  It always conjures up an image of going into battle to 'win'. And of being ambitious and seeking out new goals to strive towards.

courtesy of Remigiusz Szczerbak

Tell me, how does one live a successful life (and you can define success any which way you choose) without ambition, goals and challenges?

I've never been ambitious or loved challenges.

There I've admitted it . . . oops!!

I've always been passionately 'driven and obsessed' to research and study various topics and issues and with Art and Creativity ~
The same could be said about my beliefs about human rights, about freedom, about the need to communicate and express what is within ~

So is this a case of semantics?

Of choosing words that we are more comfortable with?

Words that seem more 'safe' to us?

Courtesy of Dora Pete

And what does this have to do with change?

It's all about having a choice isn't it ?
About believing and accepting that there is 'no one size fits all'

More often than not, I embrace changes as opportunities for growth.
Actually more specifically ~ external changes ~ and the ones that don't disturb or confront 'core beliefs' about my self too greatly.
Because the greatest changes of all relating to self, ah well they produce fear, conflict and struggle within the self don't they ?

And those are the ones I'm working on most at this time, behind the scenes, in a safe place.

Isn't that what we all need; a safe space to explore and grow through change?

What do you think?


  1. I think it might just be a case of semantics...Each piece of art we make surely contains a dose of ambition and an element of challenge?...Subconsciously we make goals for ourselves each time we create something new but they may be personal and internal rather than related to fame and fortune...

  2. Hi Cherry!
    thanks for your comment!
    Your question is an interesting one and certainly 'food for thought'. . . "Each piece of art we make surely contains a dose of ambition and an element of challenge?.."

    It certainly is a case of semantics for me!!


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